Dash Cycles guarantees its products for (2) years from the date of purchase from an authorized dealer. A faulty product will be repaired or replaced by Dash Cycles within the above-mentioned period if the defect is not due to carelessness, incorrect installation, or improper use.  The purchaser must report the problem to Dash Cycles within (30) days of discovering the issue. Non-compliance with the following indications invalidates any warranty: Dash Cycles will not be liable for any damage or injury possibly occurring. The warranty is offered only to the original purchaser and not to third parties. 


A products life can vary dependent on the type of use, weather conditions, road surface, the weight of the rider. The product may become damaged in case of falls, blows, impacts or mistreatment. Any type of flaw, deformation or change in color in the areas subject to greatest stress indicate that the product has reached the end of its useful life, and therefore must be replaced. For safety reasons, Dash Cycles recommends replacing the product 7 years after its purchase, or whenever there are signs of structural degradation, or in any case after it has been used for 15,000 Km.


A seat post can affect the structural strength of a saddle. The particular conformation of the clamping system of some types of seat posts can compromise the strength of the saddle rail, or interfere with the structure, altering its performance. The use of unsuitable seat posts can cause problems and can be the cause of accidents to persons and property. If any questions arise regarding the compatibility of your seat post you are advised to contact Dash Cycles. It is advisable to use seat posts having a clamping system of adequate size, and that cannot exert a cutting action on the saddle rail. Over-tightening the seat post could cause breakage of the saddle rail, and be the cause of accidents. DO NOT CLAMP OUTSIDE THE RANGE OF 5-6Nm.  The seat post coupling system must not have sharp edges, as this could reduce the product’s useful life or determine early breakage of the saddle. The saddle rail must be housed on a suitable surface: some clamping systems may damage the rails. Horizontal adjustment of the saddle must respect the permissible limits, the flat sections of the rails, and must not extent to the curved portions.


To clean the saddle of dirt and sweat, it is advisable to use a soft cloth moistened with water and a little neutral soap. Do not use solvent-base products (oils or creams) on the saddle covering as they could cause cracking or detaching of the covering. The loss of color in some covering materials is typically not covered by the warranty, as this is normally caused by UV rays, sweat, heat, moisture.