People often ask us how we come to our final designs. The steps to a normal product design scenario: determine what the device needs to do, figure out how to make it work, then if you are half decent you make it look good.

The Dash method is somewhat backwards to this convention. Before we do anything, our design team begins by talking about what a customer will say when they first see a product. Typically we visualize them saying, “Wow, I absolutely need this”. This step is crucial because we have the end goal in mind for the duration of the design process.

Our customer is always in mind while we design our products. We obsess over the balance between form and function. When you go out and buy something new you above all else want it to look amazing. Next you want the best in terms of functionality. Compromise is unacceptable on either front, something we strongly believe. By doing this, over and over, we have found that form and function feed off of each other. It may seem like a tug-of-war in the beginning of the design process, but as the design reaches completion it is evident that neither is compromised.

Dash is made up of a team of the best designers and fabricators. We work as a cohesive unit through our entire process.

Our design skills define us in the aesthetics realm but it is our fabrication ability that separates us from the norm. We have a unique ability to develop new methods for part fabrication based on what we want. Because we do everything on our own, we do not rely on traditional manufacturing techniques. We fabricate such a wide variety of components that we are capable of manufacturing just about anything you can imagine. Over the years the majority of our methods have turned into proprietary production methods.